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Benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer to represent you

August 5, 2018

Make the mistake of thinking you can go to court and win a DUI case without a criminal lawyer and you will discover you are paying for this mistake for years to come. Not only will the loss of your license impact your ability to earn a living, you are going to be on the hook for huge fines for years to come. Your DUI attorney will draw on decades of experience to get you a favorable result.

These are four reasons you’ll want to be working with a criminal lawyer in defense of your DUI charge.

Looking Closer at the Testing Methods and Devices

One of the things you have to consider with your DUI case is that there is only so much evidence, and it will usually be provided by the arresting officer. The job of your attorney is to gather all the evidence and begin questioning the testing device or methods. It only takes one or two mistakes during the arrest process to get the case tossed, but most people don’t even know what to look for. Your attorney is looking for certain bits of evidence they know will have the biggest positive impact for your side.

The Ability to See Things in the Evidence

One of the big advantages of working with the skilled DUI attorney is that they will be able to look over all the evidence in the case with objective eyes. Although the officer is going to show a reason you were pulled over and the results of the DUI testing, your attorney will be looking more closely to see that your rights were not violated during any parts of the arrest process. The officer draws on decades experience to be able to watch the dash cam video and video from the police station to look to see that you were treated fairly and the results were in fact accurate.

Using Experience to Hear from the Mouth of the Officer

Without hearing directly from the officer, it can be a challenge to understand why things transpired the way that they did during your arrest. Your DUI lawyer knows that they can subpoena the officer to appear at the license hearing, where questions can be asked about that night of the arrest. Although nothing the officer says has any impact on the license hearing, it does open the door for followup conversations now at the trial. The officer may have made a mistake or used the wrong judgment that night, and now that they admitted to it, your attorney will focus the case on that aspect to weaken the prosecution case.

The Benefits of Using Decades of Courtroom Experience

Even if you have a DUI on your record and you think all is lost this time, your DUI attorney has bargaining skills that could still get you a favorable result. The penalties for second and third offenses is severe, and in many cases, a jail sentence is not out of the question. Your DUI attorney will attempt to plea bargain with the prosecution to void any jail time, by increasing the community service or having to attend mandatory counseling. The more severe the charges, the more your attorney will have to draw on experience to try and plea bargain the charges down so you are not going to suffer the maximum penalty in this case. The less severe the charges, the more power your attorney has to plea bargain in your favor.

With the help of the local criminal lawyer, you are going to be in the best position to keep your license and avoid still penalties.

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